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Intro illustration
Frau Vogel portrait
Man portrait
Website design
3D illustration
Illustration magazine
Baby picture postcard
Baby picture postcard
Birthday picture postcard
Architecture flyer
Corporate image
Monster party flyer
Magazine layout
Lamp catalog layout
Magazine layout
Illustration and layout children of story
Master thesis layout
Character design: Bill
Character design: Mr O´connor
Character design: Frau O´connor
Mr O´connor: expressions
Frau O´connor: expressions
Architecture illustration Cover
Architecture illustration

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Raquel Guerrero was born on a cold day in January 1987, specifically the 5th at 1:30 am. To her family's surprise, she was holding a pencil in her left hand. Her parents, still stunned, thought that her daughter would be working in the financial world. But this idea was discarded because she could not stop drawing on the walls of the house: “Our daughter is an artist, look at those amazing doodles!”


Time gave reason to her parents because she only thought of color and lines. Raquel studied Arts at Universidad de Granada. Three years loaded graphics, photos, friends and caps. After this, she decided to go to Valencia. After two years, she finished her studies and she thought that her drawings were lacking in movement, so she joined  the Master of Animation Degree at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.


Is investigating the German culture a good idea? After a flight full of adventures, Raquel landed on time with the first rain showers. Discovering a new culture requires hard work, dedication and many ideas. After some time, Raquel started her professional career in “3st kommunikation” company (you can check out their website, it is very nice). It was six months of coffee with milk and honey (Oh God! That machine makes incredible coffee). It has been a wonderful beginning, but the best part is yet to come... 

Hello! I am Raquel Guerrero from Spain. 

I love animation, design, illustratión and video.

You can see my work and enjoy it. 


Showreel 2013, illustration, design and more.

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